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Karate Charlotte is the South Charlotte’s most positive extracurricular activity. Through learning the intense and useful skill of Martial Arts, our students will be educated on lessons that they will use for the rest of their life. Here at Karate Charlotte, you will experience more than just a Martial Arts class. With the help of our highly skilled instructors, you will also develop strong leadership and discipline skills that will help you in every way.


Evaluation Program

The Evaluation Program is designed to teach students the basic fundamentals of the Martial Arts and is also the first step on your journey towards Black Belt. This program helps the instructors to gage what each student’s capabilities are. Students in this program will learn the 1st level of life skills training and will be challenged and evaluated, physically and mentally throughout.

Black Belt Program

The Black Belt Club is the base way to get to Black Belt. It will enable you to attain all of the physical skills sets of a Black Belt – including self-defense, a high level of physical conditioning, and a high level of athletic accomplishments with all of the Martial Arts skills. It’s also going to prepare the student to achieve a high level of mental focus, a high level of mental discipline, and a high level of confidence. The ability to focus, set goals, and follow through on those goals will become ingrained in the student and can be applied to every aspect of life.
The Black Belt Club builds a solid martial arts foundation on the journey to Black Belt (and beyond) and provides the mental and physical skill sets necessary to become part of the Black Belt family.

STORM Program

Our Leadership Program takes the Black Belt Program one step further with not only the physical, but also adding an age appropriate leadership component.

The Leadership Program develops the ability to have good public speaking skills, good mentorship skills, excellent communication skills and persuasion skills, and an excellent ability to relay content and material to another person and to persuade them around to your belief so you can help them move to another level.

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